My DRMT Experience – Deanna

I don’t think there is a word or even a group of words to describe my experience in the DR.  I have been home for a little over and week and I still find myself talking to my family and friends all about my trip! I never would have expected this trip and the people I met to have impacted me in the way that it did! The people I met and interacted with in the Bateys (Dominicans, Haitians, and Americans too!) had amazing personalities and incredible life stories. These people were some of the most caring, welcoming, and strongest human-beings I have ever met. Being able to meet and interact with people who were not from/within my small Quinnipiac and North Jersey “bubbles” gave me a chance to see and experience life in a completely different way then I have ever done before! Everyone I met in the Bateys was so thankful for the work we were doing, but I am more thankful to them because they have taught me more about life and living then I ever could have imagined. Small life situations/complications that occur such as having to wait a little longer in line or a store running out of a product that you wanted seem completely different now. I am so thankful for the experience of a lifetime and I absolutely can not wait to go back. The people of the DR and the Bateys have my heart! ❤  #DRMT14 #QU301DR

IMG_4150 IMG_4578 IMG_4335

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