my DR experience – by Mariella

Over the last 10 days, I embarked on a trip to help others.  What I didn’t know was that this trip was going to change my life forever.  I have been back for under 24 hours, and already I miss the DR.  The lifestyle is much different there than it is in America.  The amount of things that American’s waste- from food, to water, to clothes, to electricity- is disgusting.  And the most disgusting part about it is that they do not even care!  Many people in the USA take the simplest of life’s gifts for granted.  This trip truly opened my eyes to the hard truth.

Here in America, sometimes people throw around words like “ohhh I’m soooo hungry”, or even worse “omg i am STARVING.”  Personally, I feel that I will NEVER be able to say or even tolerate these words again after seeing the amount of food that some of the people living in the Bateys get to eat every day.

Overall, I feel that the only possible way to get Americans to understand these conditions is by bringing each and every one of them to the DR on a mission trip.  And since that is impossible, the only thing we can do is SPREAD THE WORD!  Tell everyone you know about the things you did and saw on this trip.  Even if it makes just ONE person rethink flushing the toilet when its only ‘yellow’, or saving that last bit of food on their plate, you have done a job well done and you have saved the world.

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